Company policy

Download the document relating to the Corporate Policy of Sacchetto S.p.A.

Company success and reputation are first of all founded on its conduct and so on the single employee behaviour who are part of it.

Sacchetto SpA is a consolidate entity into the Food sector, known for quality products and making available to all its customer base expertise, knowledge, innovative spirit and work experience since 1946.

Sacchetto S.p.A. management, aware that Quality mostly means customer satisfaction, kept improving quality and safety management system even in 2020, aiming to ensure growing guarantees, company reliability and perseverance into final products quality specs.

Parallel to quality principles, the Board of Directors has decided to commit in continuous improvement on safety management and work place health. Furthermore, the Company is committed in realizing and implementing a Health and Safety Management System, according to ISO 45001 standard.

Here available for consultation, Sacchetto SpA Company Policy represents high business standard, professional lead and promotes Company values.

The following Policy is therefore structure as

  • Company targets
  • Ethical policy
  • Health & Safety policy
  • Quality, Environment and Food Safety policy
  • Allergen policy
  • Metal policy
  • Wood policy
  • Glass and Plastic policy

All Sacchetto’ members have the conviction and responsibility to maintain and take care of these principles, in order to continue offering the highest standards in the field of Quality and Safety, while respecting the environment and workers' rights.