Sacchetto spa

The main principle on which the policy for Quality is based is: “ the highest customer satisfaction in accordance with needs and explicit and implicit expectations, obtained thanks to the high quality of products and services" through the systematic implementation of a quality system complying with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, with the aim of continuous improvement of our products and our service.

Sacchetto S.p.A. proposes the following general objectives:

  • Dispose of in an exhaustive manner the use of additives and ingredients at risk for the worker safety and health of the end user.
  • Devote an increasing interest in the issues surrounding GMOs and allergens while avoiding as far as possible, the slightest presence in the company.
  • Strictly comply to the updating of laws and regulations relating to the raw materials used, production techniques, processing areas, the requirements of the product, the packaging and transport, involving also the suppliers; and also all the provisions of the law updated about safety at work.
  • Establish and maintain appropriate conditions, operating and control procedures, necessary to ensure the achievement of a safe product under the health and hygiene aspect and meet specific standards required by the customers.
  • Involve all company and external staff toward quality, providing to prepare and maintain a program of training and information for staff in order to raise the cultural level in terms of quality, by the most usual methods of communication.
  • Produce finished goods that completely satisfy all the needs of users in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Sacchetto S.p.A. Proposes the following final objectives

Reduce the non-compliance percentage on products

Reduce claims from the customers

Dispose of returned products for non-compliance to standards

Continuous improvement

Sacchetto S.p.A. certified since 2004, continues with its primary business goal: continuous improvement of the quality standards of products and services offered to customers.
All Company Functions, External Collaborators and Suppliers are engaged in the implementation of company policies aimed at meeting the needs of customers.

The Head of Quality Management has full responsibility and authority to ensure compliance with the requirements, but recur directly to the President and the Vice-President for quality problems that can not be solved alone through the organizational structures provided.

The President and Vice-President are directly involved in the operation, and are committed to carrying out appropriate reviews of the outcome of the rules, and to verify the achievement of the objectives mentioned above.