“Safety and health in the workplace is a commitment to all, that is manifested not only in compliance with the safe and correct behaviour during work, but also in constantly creating the right conditions for this to happen. “

In sharing the above principle with the entire staff, the Board has decided to commit to continuous improvement of the management of health and safety in the workplace, implement and put into effect a Health and Safety Management System in the workplace. The adoption of this system is a strategic decision of the Management of Sacchetto SpA

The Safety Management System used in the company has been implemented in compliance with regulations in force and keeping in mind the nature and entity of risks in the activities as well as the specificity of the organizational structure.

The management has committed to developing an appropriate document management system to ensure that every worker can become conscious and aware of the importance of compliance to policy, safety procedures, to the requirements of the safety management system, on individual obligations regarding safety, on consequences, actual or potential, of their work, on their safety and that of other workers, and benefits due to improving personal performance; on their role and responsibilities in achieving compliance to the safety policy about the potential consequences of variances from the specified operating procedures.

The general objectives of the Health and Safety Management System SGSL of Sacchetto S.p.A. are summarised in the search and commitment to obtain:

  • The reduction and elimination of any injuries and diseases arising from work activities.
  • Better management of risks.
  • A reduction of the potential and actual causes of injury through corrective and preventive actions.
  • A timely verification of compliance with the requirements of the law.
  • A more continuous and effective communication between the company and employees through meetings where safety and health are discussed.
  • Better monitoring of the control level of residual risk in order to minimize it further through continuous improvements

To this end, the General Management is committed to compliance with the currently applicable law in the field of Health and Safety at Work and its continuous updating, and make available all necessary human, material, financial and instrumental resources. The General Management also intends to implement the continuous improvement of the safety management system, through the constant reminder of the organization about the importance of compliance with the requirements of the health and safety of the above developed safety system, of legal and regulative requirements.

The safety policy and the pattern of objectives are communicated within Sacchetto SpA to all employees by posting documents and/or meetings involving all staff, so that everyone is informed and that the contents are understood and supported at all levels. Everyone is requested to collaborate to make the Safety policy function, be understandable and improved, each with their own skills and abilities.

Systematic reviews of direction, defined annually allow to determine: whether the objectives have been achieved and if they are considered appropriate and adequate to achieve the set objectives, if the pursuit of continuous improvement in all business activities is implemented effectively, if the information at the relevant levels of organization is appropriate to the objectives.

This policy must be exposed and accessible to all employees, customers, suppliers and guests of Sacchetto SpA and should be distributed to interested parties who explicitly request it.