The project

The enterprising Santino Sacchetto presents the project of a new plant for the production of special conserves and fruit jellies to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, to be built in the centre of Lagnasco.


Distillation column

The UTIF (Technical Office of Manufacturing Taxes) of Turin, issues licence nr. 8, for a distillery business. A distillation column is installed for the production of crude alcohol.


Food Alcohol

With the addition of a new column rectification, he obtains alcohol for use with foodstuffs, allowing him to sell it at a better price, reaching a production of about 8 hectolitres a day.


Alcohol and fruit

Over the years the production of alcohol for foodstuffs increases, reaching 45 hectolitres a day, the equivalent of 1000 quintals a day of fruit (apples and pears).


Expanding company

With it not being possible to expand the business further in the town centre, it is moved to the outskirts of the town and with the construction of new warehouses and new plants, the production reaches about 120 hectolitres a day, equal to about 2400 Quintals a day of processed fruit.


European Union

Following the strong surplus of fruit on the market, the European Union allows the creation of national authorities (A.I.M.A. Italy) for interventions in the agricultural market at guaranteed prices, allocating this surplus also to distillation.


New plant

The individual business of Santino Sacchetto grows and with the collaboration of his sons Giuliano and Giuseppe, Santino Sacchetto SrL is created. A new distillation plant is purchased with a double vacuum effect, with a capacity of 300 hectolitres a day. Throughout all these years it processes different raw materials of agricultural origin such as apples, pears, peaches, wine, potatoes and molasses.


Diversification of production

The first process of diversification of production starts by using wheat as a raw material, thus obtaining, besides alcohol, starch and protein.


Organic farming

The company starts to also process raw materials of from certified organic farming allowing the production to grow and address foreign markets, sensitive towards these new products.


Company per Share

Santino Sacchetto Srl becomes a public limited company with the business name of SACCHETTO S.p.A.