The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has updated its safety assessment of the additive Titanium Dioxide, following a request by the European Commission in March 2020: the so long used E171 is no longer considered safe when used as a food additive.

The Titanium Dioxide, also known as TiO2, is largely used in many sugary food products such as sweets, candies, chewing gums and general confectionery: the critical element in reaching this conclusion is the genotoxicity problem - or the ability to damage DNA – could not be ruled out after the consumption of Titanium Dioxide particles contained in these foods.

But for every exit, there is a better entrance somewhere else, and Sacchetto SpA can offer the best natural substitute for this food additive.

Our Rice Starch is offered in double option as Conventional and Organic, both Gluten Free, and it represents a clean label ingredient capable of plugging the micropores that normally forms over coating surface. Moreover, it represents a natural colorant to enhance and brighten white food tone.

Sacchetto is key European producer of Rice Starch: this gives the company a wide experience in many different application fields. Thanks our customers base and collaboration, we proved that this efficient ingredients delivers a smoothing effects and steady results for many different applications:


  • Confectionery
  • Baby food
  • Bakery & cereals
  • Convenience food
  • Dairy
  • Sport & Health Nutrition
  • Soups & dressing
  • Meat & fish
  • Cosmetic & Pharma


Our company can offer a Clean Label ingredient (no GMO, Organic, fatless, aroma or other additives) Standard or Waxy and from different rice varieties so to suits any customer requests.

Rice starch applications are also effective in the field of ironing and furnishing upholstery: Sacchetto starches represent an encouraging alternative to Titanium Dioxide also in these fields, given the proven experience and economic convenience.

We deliver wholesale, worldwide.

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