"Safety and health in the workplace are a commitment for everyone, which manifests itself not only in respecting safe and correct behavior in the performance of own job, but also in the continuous improvement of working conditions in order to maintain a high standard safety of each worker"
Sacchetto SpA has been dedicating resources and energy to a healthy, safe and stimulating work environment for decades. And results have been seen over the years.
The last year spent in this global emergency has shown the entire company to be able to respond promptly to unexpected challenges: the Board of Directors together with all Managers of the various functional areas have always been committed to continuous improvement in health and safety management in the workplace, by implementing and applying a Safety and Health at Work Management System.
Despite the crisis, Sacchetto SpA policy has allowed constant updating of safety and quality process: for years it has in fact adopted an Organizational Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001. This model has allowed the company to better manage the synergy between production and safety, minimizing risks and increasing the production quality, but also the inevitable generational transition between the various functional areas of the entire company.
The safety management system used in the company is constantly updated considering nature and entity of the risks of the core activities, with a view to the future and imminent ISO45001.
The reduction and then elimination of substantial from work activities, with the consequent accidents’ reduction is one of the pillars of the management system: in the last 3 years Sacchetto SpA has had an accident incidence tending to 0. This is mainly due to continuous collaboration, at all levels, by all employees from both monitoring the Near Misses, and the continuous supervision of rules and current procedures obedience.
Already at 2020 start, with the rise of the pandemic emergency, Sacchetto S.p.A. was able to respond promptly with the diffusion of the first anti-contagion protocol already in the middle of February 2020, definitely in advance compared to government provisions which saw the first publication only on March 14, 2020.
This punctuality has allowed continuous operations, guaranteed not only by the typical guidelines of agri-food sector but also by standard business requirements that have not stopped contributing to the maintenance of the economic / social fabric, even in the midst of the pandemic.
The few external cases of SARS CoV2-Covid-19 infection were readily isolated on an early stage, and where the disease did not physically affect, the company has shown constant closeness to employee personal matters in order to help them dealing with this emergency both psychologically and economically.
Today, more than a year after the beginning of the emergency, Sacchetto SpA applies the third version of the Covid-19 Anti-Contagion Protocol pursuant to the Prime Ministerial Decree of 02 March 2021; therefore, the procedures to combat the virus continue, which include the provisions on individual protection and temperature detection, space restrictions in common areas, daily disinfection of the premises, as well as continuous supervision of prescriptions.
The provisions of the protocol, drawn up pursuant to the Prime Ministerial Decree of 02 March 2021, are disclosed to all employees, at all operational levels, customers, suppliers, consultants or collaborators of any nature.
We therefore invite you to consult the Anti-Contagion Protocol hereby attached.

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