Native wheat starch

Native wheat starch

Our wheat starch consists of the carbohydrate fraction of wheat flour and is a polysaccharide established from amylose and amylopectin.
It is a high product derived from very quality flour and looks like white flour, insoluble in water, with a neutral smell and taste.
Thanks to its characteristics, the product finds application in various industrial sectors, such as food, paper, pharmaceutical and various industries (textiles, construction, etc.).

The product is presented as white color flour (powder), insoluble in cold water, neutral smell and taste.
Our wheat starch complies with EU directives currently in force and meets the requirements of current food regulations.
How do you obtain it: 
The Production is carried out entirely at our production site, using soft wheat from selected suppliers of the European Community. The raw material is initially ground and, subsequently, the starch is extracted with mechanical action and use of water. The components of wheat starch are mainly amylose, amylopectin, and water; the product contains a minimum percentage of protein. The drying is carried out maintaining the characteristics of the product intact.
< 13 %
pH (sol. 20% distilled water)
5.0 - 7.0
< 0.25 % d.s.
Protein (N x 5.7)
< 0.35 % d.s.
  • Thickener and stabilizer in the food industry
  • Glue (ready to use or for corrugated cardboard)
  • Improver mechanical characteristics in the paper mill 
  • Excipient in the pharmaceutical industry
  • FOOD SECTOR: ingredient in the preparation of sweet and salty baked goods (cakes, biscuits, waffles, ice cream cones, pizzas, and piadine) as the starch allows to improve the characteristics of the dough enhancing the flavors and extending the shelf-life of the finished products; Ingredient of custard, puddings, sauces, sauces for which it mainly acts as a thickener; Texturizing for processed meat/fish; Starch is also used as an ingredient to achieve the desired characteristics of the ready to use (flour-mixtures) intended for particular types of applications.
  • PAPER SECTOR: Production of wrapping papers and multilayer cards
  • CORRUGATED CARDBOARD SECTOR: Main ingredient in the glue used for the production of corrugated cardboard
  • READY TO USE GLUE SECTOR: Production of starch-based glues for paper converting and / or label gluing
  • PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR: Production of pills and bacteria culture medium in the fermentation phase
  • Bulk in tanks
  • Big bag 1050 kg
  • 25 kg paper bag  (1250 kg each Pallet)
  • 22 kg paper bag (1210 kg each Pallet)
We are able to satisfy the demands of our customers regarding custom packaging.


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