Rice Flakes


Rice flakes stand out from other products thanks its extreme pureness and extraordinary white color. Rice starch in flakes is distinguished by its ability to easily dissolve in water and to give a smooth consistency as they are characterized by a high chalkiness.

Rice Starch Flakes is a natural product that presents itself as crystals, with high pureness and incomparable whiteness.
Our rice starch complies with the EU directives currently in force and meets the requirements of current food and pharma regulations.
How do you obtain it: 
The production is carried out entirely at our production site, using rice coming mainly from selected suppliers of the European Community. The raw material is initially ground and, subsequently, the starch is extracted with mechanical action and use of water. The drying is carried out keeping the characteristic of the product intact. The process is carried out in the best hygienic conditions without using irradiation and respecting good working practices.
14,0% max
pH (20% sol.)
4,0 - 7,0
Bacterial Total Aerobic Count (CFU/g.)
1.000 max

• Soothing action: the high chalkiness and low pH make this product ideal as natural cosmetic for baby skin care if dissolved in newborn’s bath. It has a softening effect on the skin and a soothing action that protects against diaper rash.
• Laundry protective: natural product as low-cost laundry protective, preventing impurities penetration into textile fibers.




• 20kg bag
We are able to meet the requests from our customers regarding personalized packaging.


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