Rice starch - WX

Rice starch - WX

Rice starch – WX is a dry powder product with a very low protein content of vegetable origin. It consists mainly of amylose, amylopectin and water.
It is distinguished by its high amylopectin content, low gel temperature and high viscosity in cold and hot conditions.
The high amylopectin content confers greater resistance to retrogradation.
Rice starch – WX is available in the types WX-LS and WX-HS, the latter characterized by greater resistance to high temperatures and acid pH.

The product is presented as a white flour (powder), insoluble in cold water, with a neutral smell and taste. It has a mild sweet taste, in fact food rice starch is often used in the kitchen to prepare sweets.
Our rice starch complies with the EU directives currently in force and meets the requirements of the current food regulations.
How do you obtain it: 
The production is carried out entirely at our production site, using rice coming exclusively from selected suppliers in Asian countries. The raw material is initially ground and, subsequently, the starch is extracted with mechanical action and use of water, the drying is carried out while keeping the product characteristics intact. The process is carried out in the best hygienic conditions without using irradiation and respecting good working practices.
< 14 %
< 1.0 % d.s.
Protein (N x 6.25)
< 1.0 % d.s.
pH (sol. 20% in distilled water)
6.0 - 7.5
  • Thickener and stabilizer in the food industry
  • Excipient in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Soothing and softening for children’s skin
  • FOOD SECTOR: Ingredient for the preparation of sweet and savory baked products (cakes, biscuits, waffles homogenized, ice cream cones, pizzas and wraps) as the starch allows to improve the characteristics of the dough enhancing the flavors and extending the shelf-life of the finished products; Ingredient of pastry creams, puddings, sauces, juice for which it mainly acts as a thickener; Starch is also used as an ingredient to achieve the desired characteristics of ready-to-use flour-mixes intended for particular types of applications.
  • PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR: Production of tablets and bacteria culture medium in the fermentation phase.
  • COSMETIC SECTOR: Production of detergents for the well-being of children’s skin; Produzione di polveri e creme per il trattamento di pelli arrossate e secche.
  • Bulk in tanks
  • 20 kg paper bag (1000 kg each Pallet)
  • Big Bag 750 Kg


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