Sacchetto Spa has always been very sensitive towards the responsible management of issues relating to the environment, and so developing a management system structured as follows.


Supply in sourcing raw materials (with the only exception for French wheat for obvious technological reasons) and/or processing aids will give priority to made in Italy, contributing to the development of the national product and the reduction of the environmental impact due to handling of goods.

Correct and conscious management of water resources

Sacchetto SpA is authorized in the exploitation of groundwater of surface phreatic zone and discharge wastewater after biological treatment into receiving waters, the exploitation of water resources has significantly decreased over the years thanks to proper management of utilities aimed at maximum reduction of waste, encouraging recovery in cooling towers and the responsible training of the operators. The same applies to the attention devoted to the systematic control of wastewater for purification and water quality after purification.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance: in recent years it has gone from a concept of emergency maintenance to a concept of preventive maintenance, improving product quality, the environment and raising the standards of safety in the workplace and equipment.

Responsible management of packaging

Responsible management of packaging: a quality assurance service is active which is dedicated to the responsible management of packaging in order to significantly reduce the use of plastic material.

The economic assessment of waste

The economic assessment of waste: waste from manufacturing is intended for 3 specific sectors.

  • Waste from distillation is processed to produce protein concentrate and the dry distiller, both destined to the zootechnical sector.
  • Industrial waste water added to a portion of distillation waste is sent to the anaerobic digester to produce biogas and then heat and electricity through a modern internal combustion cogeneration system.
  • Sewage sludge extracted from the aerobic process, is sent to composting at authorized companies.

Noise pollution atmospheric emissions

Noise pollution/atmospheric emissions: a systematic and responsible management of air emissions in compliance with the specific provincial authorisations is underway. The introduction of environmental noise is maintained at levels well below the binding legal limits, thanks to systematic management (environmental impact assessment, design and implementation of acoustic enclosures) of potentially noisy installations.