Sacchetto SpA in its third family generation, exports its products Worldwide, in any continents and currently in more than 40 different countries: therefore we are aware how important delivery is!

In order to handle products and ingredients dedicated to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications, we rely on the best delivery methods only. We handle it with care, and we can reach you wherever in the world.


Sacchetto Worldwide delivery


Sacchetto SpA always offers high quality products only, with major focus on selecting raw materials, technology and innovations. The equal attention is placed in delivery methods.

We can work with your favorite freight forwarder or assist you in choosing a shipping company with the knowledge and groundwork to deliver your order to your country smoothly and without any stumbles.

As an Italian wholesaler, we have MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) depending by the continent we are exporting to.

We can meet any customer request if needed, but please relate on the above chart as reference:



European union
Other continents